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    100 Dogs Who Are Here To Brighten Your Day

    It's National Dog Day!!!

    1. This handsome guy with his built-in superhero mask.

    2. This guy who isn't shy about ANYTHING.

    3. This puppy who just discovered what water is all about.

    4. This guy who doesn't understand why his deer friend is kissing him at ALL.

    5. This lil' guy who's gonna keep circling around until you give him a smile.

    6. This puppy who looks incredibly adorable even when he's grumpy.

    7. This dog who took the begging face game to the next level.

    8. This cutie who just discovered how to get down the slide.

    9. This very patient and well-trained fellow.

    10. This lovely bath time buddy.

    11. This guy who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it.

    12. This fluffy french fry enthusiast.

    13. This perfect little baseball fan.

    14. This little Rottie who just wants to cuddle up to you.

    15. This tiny buddy who is always willing to help out with chores!

    16. This little one who wants to hop his way into your heart.


    18. This little sneak who wants to remind you that it's important to take work breaks!

    19. This golden who is having the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER.

    20. This beachgoer who is soaking up the last days of summer.

    21. This goof who will do anything to put a smile on your face.

    22. This silly guy who rolled around in some freshly cut grass.

    23. This pooch who knows how to ~block out the haters~.

    24. This champion babysitter.

    25. This Frenchie who knows how to start the day the right way.

    26. This guy who just wants you to know that he REALLY LOVES YOU.

    27. This golden puppy discovering the beach for the first time.

    28. This little one who definitely did not make this mess.

    29. These inseparable best friends.

    30. This beagle who is just here to give you a lil' kiss on the nose.

    31. This Bernese baby who REALLY wants to give you a high five.

    32. This puppy who has simply had ENOUGH.

    33. This pug having a dang blast at his birthday party.

    34. This guy who is totally ~over it~.

    35. This corgi adorably plopping down the stairs.

    36. This very proud dad.

    37. These best corgi buddies.

    38. This pug who has the most amazing tongue in the entire world.

    39. This champion who is VERY proud of the giant stick he fetched.

    40. This dachshund enjoying her big beach adventure.

    41. This corgi in her well-crafted leaf disguise.

    42. This puppy who understands your Monday feels.


    44. This fly guy who knows that it's important to always look ~sharp~.

    45. This puppy learning the importance of patience.

    46. This adorable little baby who has her very own stroller.

    47. This pup who celebrates all kinds of love.

    48. This very brave adventurer.

    49. These siblings who just took the most adorable family photo EVER.

    50. This puppy who picked a leaf just for you.

    51. This selfless best friend.

    52. This happy lil' bud who just loves catching raindrops.

    53. This excellent little elephant.

    54. This festive pooch who knows how to get the party started!

    55. This loaf who simply cannot go on.

    56. This gentleman who knows how to give a proper handshake.

    57. This expert head tilter.

    58. This pooch who simply never wants the fun to end.

    59. This very important puppy pile.

    60. These corgis who make the world a brighter place just by existing.

    61. This cutie who just made a bunch of new best friends.

    62. This summer lovin' pup who thinks beach days are the best days.

    63. This cutie who is so happy he even smiles in his sleep.

    64. This perfect co-pilot.

    65. This EXTREMELY ADORABLE red panda pal.

    66. This silly guy who never stops goofing off.

    67. This pooch who loves showing off those seriously impressive ears.

    68. This squishy-faced snuggle buddy.


    70. This dog who knows that he is way more important than any work you need to get done.

    71. This messy little troublemaker.

    72. These road trippers who are ready for action.


    74. These siblings who caused an overload of cuteness in the galaxy.

    75. This Frenchie who just wants to know when she's getting a darn snack.

    76. This speckle-nosed baby who wants to give you a lil' Eskimo kiss.

    77. This tug-o'-war champion.

    78. This pug who has the most adorable beggin' eyes.

    79. This sleeper who knows that nap time is essential.

    80. This brave soul who just figured out the slide.

    81. And this tiny fluffball who is just totally tuckered out.

    82. This dog who has his priorities in order.

    83. And this pal who just taught his best friend how to use the playground.

    84. This goof who really wanted to taste the rainbow.


    86. This very floppy napper.

    87. This golden who really knows how to do birthdays the right way.

    88. This cheeky lil' lady.

    89. These best friends comforting each other during their first car ride.

    90. This talented lady who just made the greatest catch of all time.

    91. This smiling pug pal.

    92. This pit bull who clearly is winning the selfie game.

    93. This Saint Bernard puppy who is already freakin' GINORMOUS.

    94. This handsome boy who loves his pool time.

    95. This ~cruiser~ who is always ready to ride.

    96. This puppy who knows it's important to keep looking up!

    97. This hard-workin' guide dog puppy on his first day of training.

    98. This pretty lady on her way to her forever home.

    99. This insanely adorable puppy who could warm even the coldest of hearts.

    100. And finally, this happy girl who is having the TIME OF HER LIFE.

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