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    16 Pieces Of Love Advice From Your Cute Pets

    The submissions from this week's Cute or Not were SUPER cute and they had some amazing advice on love. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

    1. "Always greet the person you love with the BIGGEST smile on your face so they know how happy you are to see them!" -- Brooklyn

    2. "Every once in a while you've gotta gaze into their eyes, JUST LIKE THIS." -- Fin

    3. "It's really important to celebrate the holidays with the person you love. Plus it's like a million times more fun with them by your side!" -- Potato Mctater

    4. "Snuggling on the couch is ESSENTIAL for any kind of loving relationship." -- Broc

    5. "Who says you need to have a significant other to be in love? Ice cream is where it's at, everybody." -- Lois Lane

    6. "I'm a napping example of how you can be single and in love. I'm in love with sleep, sleep is simply the best." -- Alfie

    7. "Proper spooning technique is a MUST!" -- Wally and Maui

    8. "Flowers are always a nice surprise!" -- Fluffy


    10. "Remind them of how much you love them with your words AND your actions (like wagging your tail)!" -- Luna

    11. "And tell 'em how cute they are, 'cause there's nothing better than a surprise compliment!" -- Zoe

    12. "Sometimes it's good to have quiet moments together." -- Nora

    13. "But causing a big old ruckus and having a ton of fun is great, too!" -- Hamlin

    14. "And don't forget to have those important ~sentimental~ times!" -- Brihlo

    15. "Don't be bashful! If you love someone, SAY HOW YOU FEEL!" -- Bindy

    16. "Nap together. Because there's nothing quite like waking up to a super cute face (like mine)!" -- Paisley

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