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    15 Adorable Pets Who Are Already Super Excited For Christmas

    A few of the submissions from this week's Cute or Not were already in the Christmas spirit. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

    1. " it time to open presents yet?" -- Holly

    2. "I want a pair of leopard high heels to match this sweater!" -- Ibiza

    3. "I need some more colors to add to my collection this Christmas, guys." -- Mumford

    4. "I'm gettin' to be real big so my present better be something, like, twice the size of this." -- Charlie

    5. "When is there gonna be snow for me to play in?!" -- Ben

    6. "These paws are ready to TEAR APART some wrapping paper!" -- Nala

    7. "Guys, I think I'm gonna need a new bed for Christmas." -- Titus

    8. "There there, human, just tell me where you hid the presents." -- Zoey

    9. "You know, I could really use a Tyrannosaurs rex to go with this guy."

    10. "Yeah, I'm gonna need this sweater in purple, too." -- Cookie

    11. "Am I finally gonna get my own car this year?!" -- Jackson

    12. "Do you think I could get a pair of ~snazzier~ reading glasses this Christmas?" -- Kissa


    14. "Honestly, you don't even need to buy me any presents, just give me all the bags they come in." -- Claude

    15. "Forget the toys, I could just use snacks this year. Yep, lots and lots of snacks." -- Milo

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