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    19 Things Every Bunny Lover Understands

    Oh, what a surprise, your bun tipped his food bowl over again.

    1. Hay is your life accessory...

    2. ...and so is bunny hair.

    3. This is your bunny's face when you tell him not to spill his food everywhere.

    4. Your bun's favorite activity is attempting to chew through every single wire in your house and he doesn't care if you don't approve of it.

    5. You are guaranteed to receive the glare of pure hatred after you clip his nails.

    6. This is your bunny's face when you tell him not to throw his litter around.

    7. You know that, if given the opportunity, your bun would steal your car and not give one crap about what you think of it.

    8. Your bun knows she is the highest form of royalty and expects you to treat her such.

    9. Every once in a while, your rabbit decides that a random corner of your room is her new litter box--and there is nothing you can do about it.

    10. This is your bunny when you do anything that does not involve feeding him.

    11. You are very familiar with these kind of flesh wounds:

    12. On some days, your bunny is the sweetest little cuddler you could ever wish for...

    13. ...and on other days, you are convinced she is plotting to sabotage your life by peeing and chewing on anything valuable in the house.

    14. Sometimes she won't even accept your FOOD BRIBES.

    15. Everything in your house belongs to your rabbit, he just simply lets you borrow his things (every once in a while).

    16. All you want to do is cuddle your bun and all your bun wants to do is hop away from you.

    17. They have giant ears yet they choose not to listen to you at almost all times.

    18. But even though sometimes they get into things they're not supposed to...

    19. know buns are simply the best, and you could never imagine life without yours.

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