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18 Dogs Who Are Better Than Your Boyfriend

Your dog is all you'll ever need.

1. Steve, who is the best napping buddy you could ever ask for.

2. Doug, who will hold your hand every chance he gets.

3. Sebastian, who always leaves you the biggest bite of the yummy dessert you're sharing.

4. Jacob, the handsome fluffball who doesn't mind driving home when you're too tired.

5. Bradley, the couch potato who will never judge you for how many episodes you watch on Netflix.

6. And Dexter, the cutie who understands the importance of ~romantic surprises~.

7. Franklin, the guy who knows when you're having a rough day and will do anything to comfort you.

8. David, who will give you the world's greatest good morning and good night kisses.

9. Chuck, the adorable dude who knows exactly how to make the most out of a relaxing Sunday morning.

10. Bear, the dapper sir who politely interrupts your work only to remind you how much he loves you.

11. William II, who will give you the most loving greeting when you come home every day.

12. Finnick, the guy who promises on all of the snackies in the world that he will never let you go.

13. Charlie, the cutie who will do absolutely anything to put a smile on your face.

John L. & his Samoyed, Charlie

14. And Eugene, who gives the fluffiest hugs the world has ever seen.

15. Nathan, who has snuggling abilities that no human could ever match.

16. And Sean, who proves that puppy dog eyes are better than any ~romantic gaze~ your significant other could give you.

17. Benjamin, who accepts you just the way you are when you wake up in the morning.

18. And finally, Freddie Mercury, who will stick by you forever...even when life gets a little messy.

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