19 Signs You're Actually In Love With Your Dog

    The weekend is not for date night. The weekend is for belly scratches.

    1. Your entire photo stream on your phone is strictly pictures of you and your dog.

    2. On more than one occasion you've cancelled plans because you just COULD NOT leave your dog home alone.

    3. You start to realize that dog hugs are way better than any hug a human could give you...

    4. ...and that goes for dog kisses too!

    5. Your ideal Friday night dinner starts to look more and more like this.

    6. And soon your dreams of having a human family around your kitchen table change into dreams of a wondrous and fluffy dog family.

    7. You'd prefer puppy dog eyes over any kind of ~romantic gaze~.

    8. The weekend is not for date night. The weekend is for belly scratches.

    9. There's really no one else you'd rather snuggle up and watch TV with.

    10. And you're at the point where you'd rather have puppy snores in your bed than human snores.

    11. You start bringing your dog along to run simple little errands, simply because life is WAY better when you've got your best bud in tow.

    12. When it comes to choosing an adventure buddy...well, there's only one real option.

    13. You'd never let a human invade your space but you have no problem when your dog smushes you and sits on you.

    14. Some people go on vacation with their significant other. You'd rather just take your dog.

    15. And when you picture the ~future~, your pup is the only one who you can clearly see in it.

    16. You know that there's actually nothing cuter in the world than that lil' puppy dog face.

    17. Your dog is your absolute best friend and partner in crime...

    18. ...and you appreciate every little bit of unconditional love he gives you.

    19. So even though some people might not understand your AWESOME relationship, you know nothing could compare to the love you share with your pup.

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