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22 Times Corgis Proved They Are The Champions Of Halloween

Because no dog looks better in a Halloween costume than a corgi.

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1. This handsome guy in his Toy Story getup.

2. And this ambitious giraffe.

3. This snuggly little dinosaur.

4. And this cutie who combined the world's most adorable animals: corgis and pandas.

5. This corgi who makes bananas look way more adorable.

6. And this princess who should have starred as the real Elsa in Frozen.

7. This girl who would've been the cutest student at Hogwarts.

8. This pirate who is ready to sail the high seas.

9. And this FLAWLESS unicorgi.

10. This penguin who makes waddling the cutest form of transportation.

11. This handsome guy who makes dessert look better than it ever has before.

12. This adorable dude who is totally in the holiday ~spirit~.

13. This adorable trio that makes Halloween costumes beach-appropriate.

14. And this princess who is carried everywhere on her human throne.

15. This super adorable little monster.

16. And this guy who's practicing his super cute face for trick-or-treating.

17. This hot dog who is going to use the ~sly~ approach to get more treats.

18. And this queen who expects everyone to bow down to her royal cuteness.

19. This gnome who you wouldn't mind having in your garden.

20. These professional Ghostbusters.

21. This handsome superhero.

22. And finally, this team who proves that NOBODY does Halloween better than corgis.

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