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    27 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Also Man's Best Friend

    Step aside dogs...cats are taking over as man's best friend.

    1. This adorable adventurer.

    2. And this brave sweetie.

    3. This sweet girl who brings joy to everyone with her beautiful eyes.

    4. This loyal girl who will do anything for her human...even if it involves hopping in the bathtub.

    5. This handsome kitty watching over his new little human.

    6. And this lovable nuzzler.

    7. This sweet kitty who's just having a great time with his buddy.

    8. This teeny fluffer who helps lift his human's spirit after his cancer treatments.

    9. And this adorable kisser.

    10. This lover who spends his days putting a smile on everyone's face.

    11. And this snuggler who just wants to show love to every person he meets.

    12. This gentle fuzzball who just wants to cuddle all day.

    13. This pretty kitty who is keeping her human company while she recovers from a stroke.

    14. And this teeny dude who NEVER leaves his human's side!

    15. This helpful little guy.

    16. And this cutie who wants his human to know that he'll always be there for him no matter what.

    17. This sweetie who is happy to do anything as long as he's with his human.

    18. And this adorable girl who just wants to snuggle up to everyone she meets.

    19. This teeny kitten who knows that cats are man's best friend whether they're big or small.

    20. This handsome guy who loves being on babysitting duty for his new little human.

    21. This little dude is here to prove that dogs aren't the only friends who look cute on a swing set!

    22. And this sweet kitty who is keeping his human company while he reads.

    23. This patient girl who is happy to play doctor with her best pal.

    24. And these lovable hand holders.

    25. This kitty who proves that cats are the kind of friends who can get super silly.

    26. And this adorable co-pilot.

    27. The truth is that kitties are the sweetest, cutest friends ever and our world is an infinitely better place because of them.

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