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    21 Pictures That Were Taken At The Best Possible Time

    Because timing is everything.

    1. This amazing sneeze from dad.

    2. This volleyball superstar.

    3. This lovely group shot.

    4. This incoming frisbee attack.

    5. This baby writing profanities at a skateboard park.

    6. This timely butterfly.

    7. This peaceful afternoon at the playground.

    8. This tyke having a great time at the Children's Museum.

    9. This overly excited child who might actually be a ghoul.

    10. This science experiment gone wrong.

    11. This kid having a great time on the teeter-totter.

    12. This alien creature.

    13. This family football game that's going really well.

    14. This woman enjoying her dessert.

    15. Grandma doing a great job at babysitting.

    16. This baseball lover.

    17. This perfectly shaped liquid hat.

    18. This tourist photo that will be treasured for a lifetime.

    19. This polite beluga whale.

    20. This MVP of the game.

    21. And finally, this child having the time of her life at the aquarium.

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