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    The 19 Greatest Animal Hugs From 2015

    Hug it out.

    1. The Cuddly Cow Hug

    2. The Best Friends Forever Hug

    3. The Nervous Car Ride Hug

    4. The "I Hope You Feel Better" Hug

    5. The "Please For The Love Of God Don't Drop Me" Hug

    6. The Cuddly Bear Hug

    Lara & Cookie / Via Newsletter

    7. The "Good To See You" Hug

    Helen Wilson / Via Newsletter

    8. The Fluffiest Hug

    9. The Car Seat Hug

    10. The "It's Been A Long Day" Hug

    11. The Rough And Tumble Hug

    12. The Very Teeny Tiny Hug

    13. The Post-Playtime Hug

    Seafire Sporthorses / Via Reddit

    14. The Around The Back Hug

    15. The "I Love You More Than Anything" Hug

    16. The Sleepy Time Hug

    Peter York — Reddit

    17. The Protective Hug

    18. The Most Magical Hug (accompanied by a lil' boop)

    19. And finally, the best hug of all: The Hug Between Best Buddies

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