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I Hung Out With Bobby Flay For A Day And It Was Stupendous

Flay for all, folks.

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You probably still do not know me, but who cares, because here I am chilling with The Flay back in October 2015.


Let's take a moment to spotlight an important member of the BobSquad: The man behind the magic — Ronn Pearson, Ronny to the Rescue, the one who brought Kae and The Flay together at last.

While I was meeting the BobSquad, the ginger prince himself snuck up surprised me. I should have suspected this, given his talent for sneaking up on contestants on Throwdown!


Please note this woman who has no idea who I am or why the hell Bobby is chatting with me.

Anne Gardner

In her defense, I still don't understand how I ended up chilling with the #BobSquad either, but it was a heckin' heck of a time.


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