I Hung Out With Bobby Flay For A Day And It Was Stupendous

    Flay for all, folks.

    You folks should already know our Burger Palace King, the ginger prince of the Food Network, the cherub angel sugar plum from above — Robert William Flay.

    You probably still do not know me, but who cares, because here I am chilling with The Flay back in October 2015.

    My journey to Bobby was long and harrowing, full of doubt and defeat more often than not.

    That is, until I heard that Bobby would be visiting the Burger Palace out in Garden City — and this time, the ginger sugar plum would be ready for my arrival.

    So I made my way out to Roosevelt Field mall to hang with Bobby Boy and chill with the BobSquad.

    Here I am in front of the kingdom our ginger prince built.

    The Burger Palace princess arrived, and he didn't even know it yet.

    Let's take a moment to spotlight an important member of the BobSquad: The man behind the magic — Ronn Pearson, Ronny to the Rescue, the one who brought Kae and The Flay together at last.

    And here's Jim, another pivotal member of the BobSquad.

    While I was meeting the BobSquad, the ginger prince himself snuck up surprised me. I should have suspected this, given his talent for sneaking up on contestants on Throwdown!

    The ginger dream team was together at last.

    It was truly a magical moment, 9 months in the making.

    Please note this woman who has no idea who I am or why the hell Bobby is chatting with me.

    I even snuck in this cheeky little wink pic, until Bobby noticed.

    Bobby demonstrated that he has a STRONG selfie game.

    Here's Bob and I having a chat from another angle.

    And here's the Burger Palace princess having the greatest lunch of all.

    In conclusion, if you hang out with the ginger prince, your face will look like this all the time: