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    37 Times Golden Retrievers Proved They're Sunshine Dogs

    The happiest of pooches.

    1. When this little lady had the cutest smile in the entire world.

    2. When these best buddies refused to retrieve anything unless they could do it together.

    3. When this golden puppy shared his favorite stick with the new kid in town.

    4. When this goof made the sandbox a million times cuter.

    5. When this stylish lady just wanted you to know how much she loves you.

    6. When this little sister found an effective way to get her toy back from her brother.

    7. When this determined neighbor proved he would do anything just to say good morning to you.

    8. When this pile of puppies simply made the world a lovelier place just by EXISTING.

    9. When this fluffy baby earned the award for cutest bath time ever.

    10. When this cutie single-handedly made plaid scarves the most adorable fashion statement.


    12. When this golden rolled around in freshly cut grass and became a Hulk dog.

    13. When this dude planned a special delivery just to surprise you.

    14. When this friendly fellow met Mickey for the very first time.

    15. When this big-hearted buddy just wanted to lend a helping paw.

    16. When this happy guy gave the sweetest welcome home there ever was.

    17. When these two banded together to build a snowman with a tennis-ball top hat.

    18. When this family was STUNNED by the cuteness of little kittens.

    19. When this lady tried her best to help out with the chores.

    20. When this guy embodied how we all feel at birthday parties.


    22. When this guy showed everyone how to make the most of a bad situation.

    23. When this best bud agreed to be her sister's loyal sidekick.

    24. When this lady flashed her pretty smile just to brighten your day.

    25. When this guy didn't discriminate against certain snuggle buddies.

    26. When this pretty girl was the HAPPIEST PUP ON THE BLOCK.

    27. When this buddy didn't let you leave without telling you that he loves you.

    28. When this pal never missed a bedtime story.

    29. When this responsible chap gently reminded you that the towels needed to be replaced.

    30. When this polite pooch didn't insult his friend's poor kissing technique.

    31. When these puppies got a little bit nervous about sharing their first smooch.

    32. When this guy was simply HAVING A REALLY GREAT TIME.

    33. When this cutie proved that patience and pancakes are the most important things in life.

    34. When this goof wanted to help you shovel but realized he wasn't that skilled yet.

    35. When this dude snuggled up with the patients at the dentist so they wouldn't be so nervous.

    36. When this lady just had SO MUCH to be happy about.

    37. And finally, when this girl proved that dogs are the most loving friends you could ever ask for.