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    17 Astounding Facts About Sharks

    They're pretty fricken cool.

    1. The cookiecutter shark takes ice cream scoop shaped bites. They've been known to bite holes into materials used by U.S. Navy submarines which warranted a switch to bite-proof coating.

    2. Most female sharks have much thicker skin than males because male sharks often bite during mating.

    3. The Greenland shark is the slowest-moving fish in history, but reindeer, polar bears, and extremely fast seals have been found in its stomach.

    4. Lantern sharks change to match the amount of light in the water so they don't create a shadow.

    5. Hammerhead shark babies actually have soft heads when they're born.

    6. Sharks don't have any bones.

    7. Sand tiger sharks eat each other in the womb.

    8. Sharks can be introverts or extroverts.

    Flickr: joi

    A study was done that proved sharks have individual personalities. More social sharks will band together and communicate with a group, while more introverted sharks will hide away on their own and camouflage.

    9. Playing dead could help you survive a shark attack.

    10. Whale sharks can give birth to several hundred pups in one litter.

    11. Sharks are one of the slowest species to reproduce.

    12. The gestation period for a pregnant shark can range from five months to two years.

    13. A Great White named Lydia swam across the entire Atlantic Ocean, from one side to the other, while being tagged and tracked by scientists.

    14. There are at least 350 shark species and new species are discovered all the time.

    15. Sharks respond to a special sound that injured fish make, so they can seek out easy prey.

    16. Shark teeth are covered in fluoride, so in a way, they kind of have their own built-in toothpaste.

    17. Nurse sharks are extremely lazy. They spend most of their time resting on the sea floor and even stack up on top of each other.