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29 Of The Fluffiest Things That Happened In 2015

There's been a fluff overload, folks.

1. When this floofy little co-pilot fell asleep on the job.

2. When this dog had the fluffiest birthday celebration of the year.

Sterling — Reddit

3. When this fluffy bun hit the road.

4. When this guy proved that floof not only looks cute but can be helpful too.

5. When this guy used his fuzz to help keep his human warm.

6. When this cat showed off his insanely floofy belly.

7. When this lil' lion dog posed with his best buddy.

8. And when this kitten filled his human's pocket with fuzz.

9. When this festive buddy brought some fluff into the holiday spirit.

10. When this owl was a literal ball of floof.

11. When this Samoyed puppy dressed up as a loofah to double the fluff factor.

12. When this party starter brought fuzz to the disco.

13. When this cat used his fluff to help keep him warm during his big beach adventure.

14. When this pup finally grew into his giant floof.

15. When this bun demonstrated small but mighty fluff.

16. When this cat used his fuzz to camouflage.

17. When this guy combined squish with fluff.

18. When this dog demonstrated the most pristine form of fluff there ever was.

19. And when this arctic fox pup was the sleepiest little pile of fuzz.

20. When this pooch used his floof to get a treat out of his human.

D3FINED / Mozzi

21. And when this owl used his fluff to get out of a ticket.

22. When this fuzzball was almost too cute to be real.

23. And when this fluffball reminded everyone that cats can be good listeners.

24. When this lil' guy used the power of his fluff to help him conquer his fear of car rides.

25. And when this guy had a whole lot of floof to back up that sassy attitude.

26. When this kissable cutie was the happiest lil' ball of fuzz there ever was.

27. And when this cat used her fluff to take up her little brother's crib.

Max Brown / Via

28. When this bun proved even fuzz can be grumpy.

29. And finally, when there was a kitchen congregation of all the most important floofers in the world.

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