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    17 Enthusiastic Hedgehogs To Get You Through The Monday Struggle

    Hedgies will cure all of your Monday blues.

    1. "Hello, do you see my miniature smile? Copy it. You are now unbeatable."

    2. "I believe in you as much as I believe in the power of belly scratches!"

    3. "Even if Monday has got you feelin' a lil' grumpy, keep those paws up."

    4. "First step to having a great day: Say yes to adventure!"

    5. "I'm workin' my fabulous snaggletooth smile, so I better see yours too!"


    7. "I'm wearing this knowing smile because I'm the hedgie that sees all. And I see that you're looking like you're going to have a great day."

    8. "Hi, I'm wearing this flower to put a lil' extra happy in your life."

    9. "A mini smile from a mini hedgehog is all anyone will ever need to get through the day, I promise."

    10. "Hey you, yes you! NEVER forget that you're freakin' awesome."

    11. "Sometimes a little ~smize~ from a hedgie is what will brighten your Monday."

    12. "Hi, hello, if you're not having the best day ever, then look at my little teeth and you will."

    13. "Here's my kissable hedgehog belly to cure all of your Monday blues. You're welcome."

    14. "You cannot say the word bubbles without smiling. JUST TRY IT."

    15. "You don't need coffee to pick you up when I look this cute!"

    16. "Get off the grumpy Monday grind and get on the fun grind, dude."

    17. "Hi there, you're looking freakin' cute today. Now go out and show the world how adorable you are."

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