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21 Puppies Who Haven't Grown Into Their Paws

Paws can be hard to figure out, pups.

1. "No, no, officer, I am of age to drive... just look at how big my paws are! They're basically adult size!"

2. "What do you MEAN my paws are gonna get even bigger? I'll never catch up!"

3. "Have you ever seen anything bigger than these toe beans?"


5. "My sister keeps saying she has the biggest paws but I KNOW IT'S ALL ME."

6. "I better get my own board as soon as I grow into these."

7. "SOOO how do I get these things to take me up the stairs??"

8. "My legs are gonna get longer too?? I'M NOT SURE I LIKE THE IDEA OF THAT."

9. "I don't really know how to use these things but they make wonderful ear rests!"

10. "Do these feet come with an instruction manual? They're a lil' big for me."

11. "So you're saying I'm gonna get even bigger?? I thought I'd be this size forever!"

12. "Just gonna lay here until I grow into these babies."

13. "Dreaming of the day when my paws aren't too big for my puppy body."

14. "I'll be the FASTEST PUP AROUND once I grow into my huge puppy feet."

15. "HOW big do Great Danes get?!"

16. "Mom says I won't fit on the chair one day either so I've gotta savor it while I can."

17. "No ball will go unfetched once these toes get into action."

18. "They may be ginormous but they make my begging face THAT much cuter."

19. "I like these paws. They make me look very ~proper~."

20. "No one will EVER snatch my toys from me again!"

21. "Don't look at me like that, Mom. With paws this big you're basically ASKING me to dig."

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