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20 Cats Who Are Enjoying The Little Things In Life

Because the little things are the best things.

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1. "Flowers smell delicious!"

2. "Forehead kisses are the best kind of kisses."

3. "There's nothing like a frolic around in some freshly cut grass!"

Getty Images/iStockphoto stokkete

4. "Getting packages in the mail is the ABSOLUTE BEST."

5. "Holding hands is the most wonderful thing in the world."

6. "Sometimes all you need is a really good nap."

7. "Cruising with the windows down is the most fun thing EVER!"


9. "The best feeling in the world is when you finally find that one missing sock."

10. "Nothing compares to snuggling up on a rainy day."

Rainy days
Getty Images/iStockphoto Claritoneve

Rainy days

11. "Cloud gazing is my favorite activity!"

Getty Images/iStockphoto Antonio Gravante

12. "We all need a good snuggle from time to time."

13. "Don't forget to hug your best friend as tight as you can!"

14. "Crawling into bed with fresh sheets is the best feeling ever."

15. "Nothing beats being reunited with your best friend."

Photo Credit: jalb via Compfight cc

16. "Getting a new book is MY FAVORITE."

17. "Ice cream cones are the world's greatest gift."

18. "There are beautiful things all around us, like fluffy tails...

19. "...and belly scratches..."

20. "...and best friends."

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