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    17 Cats Who Do Not Have Time For Your Petty Bullshit

    Take care now, bye-bye then.

    1. "I think you have a little something there on your face. Never mind, you're just nasty."

    2. "I love this boring story you're telling me, can't you tell by my joyous face????"

    3. "How cute, you thought I actually had time for you and your bad opinions!!!"

    4. "Keep your distance ya lil' nasty."

    5. "Hell is a place on Earth with you."

    6. "Yes, dog, you and everyone else should be frightened of me."

    7. "It's a solid no from me."

    8. "Aw sweetie, let me show you and your rude ass to the door real fast."

    9. "Touch me again with your heathen fingers and see what happens."

    10. "Cheryl, if you complain about that guy who won't text you back one more time, I'm going to shred your sheets."

    11. "........................................actually, no."

    12. "Oh, I'm sorry?? Did you need something from me??? I see you failed to notice that I do not have time for your petty bullshit."

    13. "This is the face of a cat who has never cared — and never will."

    14. "Yes, I love when you interrupt my nap to talk to me about something I have never given a crap about."

    15. "What's that I'm smelling??? Is it a lil' bitch?"

    16. "I'm having the time of my life."

    17. "Enough."

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