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21 Puppies Who Had The Absolute Best Year Ever

2014 was a great one for these pups!

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1. "I learned how to fetch and I'm SUPER good at it!"

2. "WOAH, I went apple picking for the first time and it was the MOST DELICIOUS thing ever!"

3. "First year on the job guys...NAILED IT."

4. "Saw my first baseball field and it was AWESOME."


6. "Soooo, I got this ginormous bed...whatcha think you're doing sleeping in it?"

7. "This year was so amazing I even smiled in my sleep during it."


9. "The key to having a happy life is sleeping in every me."

10. " doesn't get much better than this. Oh wait, if you scratch my belly then it does."

11. "Hi, hello. I learned about dinosaurs, so it pretty much doesn't get better than that."

12. "My human taught me about this thing called 'laundry time' but I changed the name to 'FUN TIME'."

13. "My whole year was dedicated to blowing kisses to everyone each day, so you could say it was the most fun ever."

14. "Have you ever heard about autumn before? Because let me tell you...IT'S AMAZING."

15. "Saw my reflection for the first time and I was VERY IMPRESSED."

16. "I finally found my forever home with the best human EVER so you could pretty much say it ROCKED."

17. "See these fancy white paws? Spent all year showin' these babies off."

18. "I think I FINALLY perfected my kissing technique!"

19. "I'M EXHAUSTED. I've been playin' with these awesome toys since I was just a tot."

20. "I found a forever home AND a forever best friend! I'm the luckiest pup EVER."

21. "I'M SO EXCITED. I found out I'm gonna grow into my ears by the end of the year!"

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