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    22 Times Humans Were A Dog's Best Friend

    Dogs need a best buddy, too!

    1. This guy who let this dog have the best seat in the house at the baseball game.

    2. And this kind sir who carried this handsome pup when he got tired from hiking.

    3. The human who got a stroller for her arthritic pug so she could still go on walks.

    4. And these two who are clearly about to embark on the most badass adventure of all time.

    5. This friendly guy who gave the best hug ever to his handsome corgi buddy.

    6. And this dude who carried his senior dog for the rest of the walk because she got real tired.

    7. This polite little lady who offered to give her best bud a free ride.

    8. This guy who always lets his fluffball friend ride shotgun.

    9. And this gentleman who carried his favorite lady home after their long camping trip.

    10. This chill guy who lets his little girl have the best seat during their daily afternoon cruise.

    11. And this gentleman who let his best bud hitch a lift home after a long day of work.

    12. This loving human who just knew when his pal needed a big hug to brighten his day.

    13. And this one who would NEVER let his buddy walk on a hurting foot.

    14. This tiny sir who comforted his friendly fluffball when he got scared during the car ride.

    15. And this gal who gave her pal the best welcome home hug ever.

    16. These two adventurers who never leave each other's side.

    17. And these little buddies who aren't shy about sharing kisses.

    18. This human who knew when her pup needed a little cheering up.

    19. And this little man who is all about dishing out the loving hugs to his bud.

    20. This girl who gave the sweetest good-bye to her main man.

    21. This dude who taught his pup how to step up his selfie game.

    22. And finally, this guy who held on tight to his best bud until the rainstorm was through.

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