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27 Insanely Adorable Baby And Dog Friendships From 2014

Is there anything cuter?? The answer is no. There isn't.

1. This duo practicing their snuggling skills.

2. This pair who watch every TV show together.

3. These sweeties who start every morning with a kiss.

4. These best friends who spent their summer side by side.

5. These two who might win the award for cutest best buds.


6. These brave adventurers who took on the backyard together.

7. And these eskimo kissers.

8. These adorable cuddlers who revolutionized slumber parties.

9. These two who were best friends at first sight.

10. And this pair who's always looking out for each other.

11. This crew who appreciates the importance of a good snuggle session.

12. This dog who is teaching his best bud how to side eye at early age.

13. This pooch who practices patience for his best friend.

14. These buddies getting ready for a big day.

15. These two who understand how great it can be to spend a night in.

16. This duo who took cuddling to a whole new level of cute.

17. And this pair who never spend a second apart...


18. This dog who keeps a watchful eye on his little one during playtime.

19. And this dog who sticks by his best friend's side during scary thunderstorms.

20. This pup who is super protective of her little human.

21. These two who perfected their hugging technique.

22. And these buds who know how to have the perfect Friday night.

23. These two who are planning how to stay up past their bedtime.

24. This pair who always spends their after-lunch naptime together.

25. These dudes who are sporting their best smiles.

26. Charlie and Laura, the cutest best buds the world has ever seen.

27. And finally, this dog who knows his best friend is the absolute CUTEST lil baby in all the land.

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