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    21 Secrets Anxious People Won't Tell You

    Sleeping: The act of lying down and spending hours analyzing every small detail of your life.

    1. For every one post on social media, you have a billion more that you typed and deleted because you were too anxious about posting them.

    2. Creating fictional scenarios and then freaking out about them is one of your greatest talents.

    3. When someone doesn't pick up their phone you immediately jump to the conclusion that they're either dead or they hate you.

    4. Sometimes you genuinely have no idea why you're so anxious.

    5. In your world sleeping is actually the act of lying down and spending hours analyzing every small detail of the past, present, and future.

    6. The worst is when someone tells you to "stop worrying so much" because nobody understands that IT'S NOT THAT EASY.

    7. Over-thinking social interactions is your number one activity.

    8. You are extremely familiar with freaking out over the fact that you're freaking out, which is a sensation that nobody else understands.

    9. You're fully aware that you're stressing for illogical reasons but that will NEVER STOP YOU.

    10. If someone asks what's wrong, you tell them you're "just tired" which is true...because you've been up all night with anxiety.

    11. You absolutely dread social gatherings.

    12. You're very familiar with bathrooms because that is where you go to hide out and take a break during dreaded social events.

    13. And when you actually do have to talk to someone your mind is a stream of reasons why you're annoying that person.

    14. You can screw up on the smallest thing and you'll still obsess over it. FOREVER.

    15. Over-analyzing events from the past and imagining all the different and better ways you could have reacted is your biggest time waster.

    16. The WORST is when people get frustrated with you for taking too long to make a decision because they don't understand how hard it is for you.

    17. You've spent unnecessarily large amounts of time wandering around a store because you were too anxious to ask an employee for help.

    18. You can feel the onset of a panic attack but you can't stop it. Cue even more anxiety.

    19. You spend a ton of time planning and dreading events...but every once in a while it goes REALLY well and you feel great!

    20. Then you'll get a streak of bravery that reminds you that you're actually REALLY awesome.

    21. Anxiety can be really overwhelming, but underneath it you know you're extraordinary, deserving of love and of course...SUPER CUTE.