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17 Reasons Cows Are The Actual Champions Of Cuteness

Moooove over cats and dogs. There are some new cuties in town.

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1. Cows actually have best friends and it's the most adorable thing ever.

2. And they're the cutest little eskimo kissers.

3. NOTHING is more adorable than a baby cow snuggle.

Matt Stanzel

4. And they're never shy about showing you how much they love you.


5. Their kisses will warm even the coldest of hearts.

Kevin Norton / Via Instagram: @knorty88

6. And when you need a best bud, they're always right there to cuddle up.

7. Their sweet little faces make for the CUTEST Christmas cards of all.

8. And their kind nature makes them quite excellent babysitters!

9. They're always ready to to crack a smile.

10. And they don't mind accompanying you on your adventures, no matter how teeny they may be.

11. Their fluff is UNDENIABLY ADORABLE.

12. And they have mastered the art of the selfie, clearly.

13. They know that the best kind of friends are often the most unlikely.

14. All in all, cows are the sweetest...

15. ...kindest...

16. ...and the most loving best friends you could ever ask for.

17. And on top of all that, THEY'RE HECKIN' CUTE.

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