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31 Pictures That Prove 2015 Will Be The Cutest Year Of All Time

Experts predict that the ultimate year of adorableness is upon us.

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1. This blue-eyed, speckle-nosed pup who will change the world with his cuteness.

2. This cat who truly has the most impeccable timing.

Catrina Vlasov

3. This sailor who plans to bring everyone the ~summer lovin~ even when it's cold out.

4. Lacey the police puppy who is going to do some very important puppy work this year.

5. Winston the bun kicked off 2015 with his best mug yet, which means things can only get better from here.

6. This delivery box pup who plans to have a year full of adorable surprises.

7. This cardboard tank cat who has some VERY important plans.

8. Dixie the corgi puppy who has high hopes to grow into her ears.

9. This lil Bernese puppy who will reveal the secrets behind his expert snuggling technique.

10. This rescue dog who can't wait to jump-start his new life with his forever family.

11. This group of troublemakers who plan on causing a big old ruckus and looking cute while doing it.

12. This cat who is the most loyal best friend a guy could ask for.

13. Barkley, who proclaimed that this will be the year that he breaks out his serious ~side eye~.

14. This lil guy who will warm the hearts of everyone by simply snuggling with his teddy.

15. And these two who are at the very beginning of the greatest friendship in doggy history.

16. This rescue pup who has two ears up to maximize his cuteness.

17. This kitty who will be the world's cutest babysitter.

18. And this duo who decided to team up for 2015 to get as many snacks as possible with their puppy dog eyes.

19. These cozy buns who are all about spreading cheer.

20. This Staffie puppy who rang in the new year with his kissable puppy belly.

21. And this kitty who will bring a smile to everyone's face because...well, LOOK AT HOW CUTE SHE IS.

22. This guy who's just way too excited about all the cute that is to come.

Peyton Morris

23. And these two piggies who know it's the cutest year ever because THEY'RE IN IT.

24. This girl who has many New Year's resolutions but none of them include ditching her pacifier.

25. And these buddies who are real excited to make more memories together.

26. This crew who will light up the world with their heartwarming spooning sessions.

27. And this puzzler who is already hard at work.

28. This guy who understands that sometimes you've gotta shake things up!

29. This handsome dude who wants everyone to smile their way into 2015.

30. This cat who predicts that cat posture will be at it's weirdest (and cutest!).

31. And finally, this cool dude who is ready to take on the world in his sweet new kicks.

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