17 Things To Do While People Are Singing Happy Birthday To You

    The dreaded twenty seconds that comes every year, and still we don't know what to do during it.

    1. Look on in horror until the twenty seconds of torture is over.

    2. Stare violently at one person for the entire duration of the song.

    3. Awkwardly look around at everyone.

    4. Stare at the food and pretend absolutely nothing else is happening.

    5. Start eating the cake before the song is even over...

    6. ...and continue stuffing your face until it's actually over.

    7. Sit there looking very somber and contemplative.

    8. Sing along because you have no idea what else to do.

    9. Smile at everyone while feeling VERY uncomfortable.

    10. Close your eyes and wait until it's all over.

    11. Judge everyone.

    12. Clap along cheerfully.

    13. Let your face tell everyone how truly miserable you are.

    14. Raise your hand as if you're conducting an orchestra.

    15. Be as chill as this birthday tortoise.

    16. Contemplate the meaning of life.

    17. Smile and enjoy your birthday, because it only comes around once a year!