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    17 Facts That Will Make You Love Rats Even More

    Just goes to show that they're the greatest pets ever.

    1. When rats are happy or playing, they let out a cheerful sound that is similar to laughter.

    2. Rats don't have great eyesight so they rely on their adorable whiskers to interpret their surroundings.

    3. They're really clean animals--cleaner than cats!

    4. Their tails give them a great sense of balance, which makes them amazing climbers.

    5. They're excellent snackers and their diet should consist of a good amount of fruits and veggies.

    6. They can even have a little bit of chocolate, as long as it's in moderation!

    7. Rats are little adventurers and they were one of the first animals to make the trip to outer space.

    8. Rats are pretty great swimmers, and most of them really enjoy it!

    9. They're SUPER social, so it's best to have more than one rat!

    10. Giant Africa rats are trained to detect deadly landmines. They're larger than pet rats, but small enough that they don't set off the landmines while searching for them.

    11. They're smart little critters. They'll learn their name and you can even teach them tricks!

    12. Rats are snuggly little buggers that love hanging out on your shoulder...

    13. ...or hiding in your hair!

    14. Rats are stupendous nappers and they spend about 76 percent of daylight hours sleeping.

    15. Dumbo rats are a special breed that has HUGE, adorable ears!

    16. They're tiny little creatures with big personalities, kinda like pocket-sized puppies!

    17. Most of all, they're smart, sweet little cuties who love to form a bond with their human.

    If you're looking for a furry rat friend, check out your local rescue or Petfinder.