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    17 Cats Who Need To Get A Grip

    Get it together, cats.

    1. This party animal who needs to calm down with his balloon obsession.

    2. And this cat who thinks it's perfectly fine to chill with a flower crown on in the middle of the sidewalk.

    3. This dude who is so addicted to bagels that he now wears them as a necklace.

    4. This cat who is passing herself off as a qualified medical professional.

    5. And this sir who needs to stop trying to live out his fantasy of being a newborn human baby.

    6. This one who has a very concerning look in his eye.

    Pete Debono

    7. And this weirdo who's starting to lose it.

    8. This little kitten who NEEDS TO NOT WITH THE WRITING UTENSILS.

    9. This cat who won't stop picking on his little sister.

    10. This cat who needs to take a serious look at his life choices.

    11. And this dude who has many regrets.


    13. This cat who needs to not with the evil master plans.

    14. And this guy who needs to relax with the silly faces.

    15. This cat who really needs to stop stealing food off the dinner table.

    16. This troublemaker who thought it was fine to destroy perfectly good bread.

    17. And finally, this cat who really needs to get a grip on his caffeine addiction.

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