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    17 Kittens Who Will Be Home For Christmas

    Kittens are the cutest presents.

    1. This pretty girl who is still trying to figure out what these shiny lights in her new house are all about.

    2. And this unimpressed cat who is only wearing this outfit because she loves her new human so much.

    3. This lil dude who is feeling a little shy with all the holiday ~action~ going on.

    4. And this smiley girl who is SO HAPPY to finally have her own human who will tickle her kitty toes.

    5. This sneaky cutie who is plotting how to knock over his new mom's Christmas flower arrangement.

    6. And this trio who was rescued from a shed and will spend their holiday cozy and warm under the tree.

    7. This girl who is ready to jump right in and lend a paw with the present wrapping.

    8. This little one who will be the cutest present on Christmas FOR SURE.

    9. This fluffy guy who's super excited to surprise his dad on Christmas morning.

    10. And this curious one who's just happy to keep his new dad's laptop warm while he's gone.

    11. This coy girl who is feeling super lucky because she got a forever home and a toy mouse this year!

    12. And this cutie who will be the world's greatest Christmas surprise EVER.

    13. This snuggle bug who's thankful for his cozy bed and cuddles on Christmas morning.

    14. And this lady who plans on surprising her human with a little boop on the nose.

    15. This cutie who you wouldn't mind getting stuck under the mistletoe with.

    16. This whiskery baby who just wants some Christmas cuddles with his forever fam.

    17. And finally, this adorable stocking stuffer who is about to make a little girl's day.

    Check out your local shelter or Petfinder if you're thinking of giving a forever home to a cat in need this holiday season! But remember that pets are presents who last forever.