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31 Animal Smiles From 2014 That Will Make You Too Happy

Challenge: try not to smile during this post.

1. This modest little smile of appreciation.

2. This extremely joyful little guy.

3. This guinea pig who's greeting his new friends with his little piggy grin.

4. This one who's still trying to master how to say "cheese."

5. These two who created the cutest Christmas card EVER with their matching smiles.

6. This guy who really just wants to make you happy.

7. This hedgehog smile which is tiny in size but huge in happiness.

8. This smile that's hoping to be rewarded with a snackie.

9. And this family portrait gone wrong.

10. This sunbathing smile.

11. This Frenchie who is basking in the glory of beating his human at fetch. / @Leonardo_da_frenchie / @Apollo_n_Pepper

12. This suspicious smize.

13. And this ~cool dude~ who gets all the ladies with his suave grin.

14. This one-toothed cheeser.

15. And these two who mastered their selfie smiles.

16. This teeny tiny kitten grin.

17. And this smile that happens every night during dinner time.


19. And this little chuckling cheeser.

20. This cat who likes how you smell so he's giving you a little grin.

21. And this sweet little smile from this baby goat.

22. This horse who smells something funny but he's gonna smile his way through it.

23. This guinea pig who doesn't really think your joke was that funny but is giving you a little smile anyway.

24. And this Frenchie who just spotted a major hottie across the room.

Instagram: @celinethefrenchie / Mileen Zarin and Celine

25. This grin that might be followed up by a swatting paw.

26. This smile that was ruined by a surprise camera flash.

27. This tongue-assisted cheese.

28. And this dog who really just wanted to put his best paw forward.

29. This dog who genuinely finds EVERYTHING funny.

30. This birthday princess smiler.

31. And finally, this one-toothed cheeser who is just really, really, REALLY excited for Christmas.

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