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Updated on Dec 26, 2018. Posted on Dec 25, 2014

16 Puppies Who Were Under The Tree This Christmas Morning

Puppies...the best present ever.

1. This festive corgi pup who is super excited to meet his forever fam.

2. This pit bull puppy who was just introduced to his new best buddy.

3. This pretty girl who can't wait to surprise everyone with her magnificent ears.

4. This corgi who's tuckered out from all the Christmas excitement.

5. This little girl who just wants to put a smile on the face of her new family.

6. This little guy who just can't wait to cuddle the rest of Christmas away with his new mom.

7. This lady who was the world's most wonderful Christmas present.

8. This fancy girl who wanted to look her best when she met her new family.

9. This teeny tiny Santa claus who brought joy to everyone this Christmas.

10. This puppy who was too excited to meet his family so he popped out of the box a lil early.

11. This Golden Retriever puppy who's going to have the most glorious naps with his new dad.

12. This handsome hider who really ~surprised~ everyone this morning with his undeniable cuteness.

13. This festive lady who really went all out for her new family.

14. This girl who hoped Santa would come early because she was TOO EXCITED to meet her family.

15. This guy who got a fancy new present along with is loving new family!

16. And finally, this little fluffball who might stay cuddled under the tree forever because it's just SO COZY.

Check out your local shelter or Petfinder if you're thinking of giving a forever home to a dog in need this holiday season! But remember that pets are presents who last forever.

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