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Ed Sheeran Is The Cat Lover You Should Aspire To Be

As if we didn't have enough reasons to love him.

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Ed is quite possibly the world's biggest cat lover. / Via

He somehow makes this kitten look even more angelic just by holding her. / Via

Not even Taylor Swift's kitty could deny him eskimo kisses.

Facebook:Taylor Swift / Via

In New Zealand, he did an actual "Cat-erview."

Check out his majestic cat sweater.

But Ed's love for cats isn't just surface: he became a guardian angel to one lucky kitten!

Twitter: Ed Sheeran / Via

"I don't care how well you can play the guitar. Feed me." / Via

Graham obviously became a social media sensation.

Twitter: Graham The Kitten / Via
Twitter: Ed Sheeran / Via

"Nothing on this computer could possibly be more important than me."

"Dad, I hope you understand that I'm the rockstar in this relationship."

Twitter:GrahamTheCat / Via

His star is rising but he's still one of the cutest, snuggliest kitties around. / Via

"This is MY bed, I just let you sleep in it."

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