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24 Times Dogs Were Your Favorite Sibling

Because dogs are the best kind of people.

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2. When this protective pup was keeping an eye out for his best bud.

6. When this guy was the sweetest big brother EVER.

11. When these cuddlers decided that rainy days are for snuggling and watching movies together.

14. And when these two explorers spent all day playing in the backyard together.

15. And when this pup helped his little brother fall asleep after he had a bad dream.

17. And when this pretty girl was the most loyal sidekick ever.

19. And when this pup knew just when his little sister needed a big hug.

20. When this patient guy decided to join in at the pool party.

24. And finally, when this pretty lady accompanied her little brother on his first day of preschool. TOO DARN CUTE.