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39 Pictures That Will Get You Way Too Excited For Christmas


1. These Christmas card cheesers.

2. This responsible dude who is knitting his very own scarf in preparation for the chilly weather.

3. These two expert present wrappers.

4. This huggable Grinch.

5. This puppy who is playing in the snow for the first time and getting belly scratches ALL at once.

6. This fluffy stocking stuffer.

7. This holiday hedgie.

8. This pup who is loving EVERYTHING about his winter wonderland.

9. This cutie who thinks she should be the star to go on top of the tree.

10. This festive pup who has his eye on Santa's cookies.

11. This Frenchie who is searching for the perfect Christmas gift.

12. These romancers who ended up under the mistletoe.

13. This little dude who plans on staying cuddled until Christmas morning.

14. This teeny tiny one who is seeing snow for the first time.

15. These stocking stuffers who came together to create cutest Christmas EVER.

16. This hedgie who is really rocking the Santa hat.

17. This girl who is tuckered out from all of her Christmas shopping adventures.

18. This lil guy who is celebrating his first Christmas in his new home.

19. This bun who found her presents a little early.

20. This guy who's having a bit of an identity crisis.

21. And this one who might actually be the real Santa Claus.

22. This dude who is just REALLY EXCITED about all the snow.

23. And this Grinch duo.

24. This cutie who is trying to figure out how such a majestic flake could fall from the sky.

25. This piggie who is all suited up for the winter weather.

26. This kitten who can't decide if she's all about the snow or if she never wants to see it again.

27. This cute rat who thinks the bag is the real present.

28. This kitty who knows she's cute enough to be the one and only present this year.

29. This dude who is trying to figure out how to build his very first snowman.

30. This handsome kitty seeing a Christmas tree light up for the first time.

31. This puppy who doesn't know how to get rid of his winter mustache.

32. These two who are about to dig into their personal little tree.

33. This bun who will be the first to open presents on Christmas morning NO MATTER WHAT.

34. This festive little guy.

35. These ratties enjoying some gingerbread house nibbles.

36. This lil guy who's trying REALLY hard to make his Christmas wish come true.

37. This teeny corgi who needs a little help getting his tiny legs through the snow.

38. This girl who just made Rudolph look a thousand times cuter.

39. And finally, this Christmas puppy who's going to be the best present anyone could ever ask for.