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31 Of 2014's Unsung Heroes Of Cute

Some of these cuties were hard at work, and others were just freakin' adorable.

1. Draven, the snuggly therapy kitty who proves that cats make great therapy animals, too.

2. Stunky, the cuddly onesie-wearing skunk who taught everyone that skunks are incredibly adorable.

3. Ru, the adorable baby Dumbo rat who met her new rat family this year.

4. Winston, the disapproving bun who is always wearing the best mug.

5. The super cuddly goats of Amazing Acres Goat Dairy.

6. Brady, the tri-colored corgi who took napping to the next level of cuteness all year long.

7. Dandy, the baby alpaca who is here to show everyone that alpacas are SUPER cute.

8. Humphrey J Hedgehog, the international superstar and professional adventurer.

9. Little Star, the two-foot miniature therapy horse who "visits retirement homes and works with hospice patients and children with special needs."

10. Chloe, the orphaned wombat joey, and her friend Dixie, the Red-Necked Wallaby.

11. Cheddar Cheese Puff, the entrepreneurial cat with the most kissable cheeks ever.

12. And DOBBY CAT, the cat who gave everyone hope that Dobby lives.

13. Thula, the therapy Maine Coon who helps her human with autism live more fully.

14. Gus, the slightly cross-eyed kitty who warmed the hearts of everyone. / Via Frank Fenn, Ottawa

15. Joleen, the horse that teamed up with a girl with Autism to make it to Wisconsin's State Horse Expo this year.

16. Melvin (aka Bruno), the smiling puppy who went from being abandoned on the street to having a forever home with the help of Rainbow Bridge Can Wait Animal Rescue.

17. Lacey, the Bloodhound puppy who started her journey as the cutest K-9 police puppy this year.

18. Matilda, the special needs dog who defied all odds and lives a happy, full life.

19. Hobie, the talented Golden Retriever who helps keep his coworkers entertained at work.

20. Gia, the food allergy service dog that helps keep her humans safe from their life-threatening allergies to peanuts and almonds.

21. Pluto, the cat who made this year a thousand times cuter just by rocking his Tiffany blue bow tie.

22. Einstein the service corgi who never leaves his little human's side.

23. Zeus, the blind owl who mesmerized everyone with his starry eyes.

24. Pup 681, who shocked the world with her fluffy cuteness.

Photo credit: ©Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez / Via Facebook: sheddaquarium

25. Mia, the quokka joey who brought everyone joy with her teeny tiny smile.

26. Venera, the super sassy and incredibly adorable little hedgehog.

27. Rincon, the pup who can out-cute the cutest of the cute.

28. Lucca, the veteran amputee that retired from the military and spent 2014 spreading joy to everyone around her.

29. Waffles, the cutest little corgi with the CUTEST NAME.

30. Blueberry, the sweet pit bull who spent this year bringing happiness to those in need.

31. And finally, Winston the Sharpei who will spend all of 2015 SHATTERING THE UNIVERSE with his undeniable cuteness.

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