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    18 Things That Happen When You Have A Ginormous Crush On Someone

    Your social media stalking abilities are SUPERB.

    1. You stalk yourself on social media to see how you would look to your crush.

    2. You spend a large amount of time daydreaming about him...

    3. ...and you fluctuate between hope and crippling self-doubt when you wonder whether he thinks about you too.

    4. You will type and re-type a text message seven million times, then hover over the send button for three hours before you actually send it to her.

    5. When your crush does text you back, you and your best friend decipher every word in the messages like you are analyzing ancient hieroglyphics.

    6. This is you, trying to look sexy when your crush is around.

    7. When your crush is flirting with somebody else and you're standing in the corner like...

    8. The disappointment you feel when she accepts an event invite on Facebook, but doesn't actually show up to the real event.

    9. When you're having a conversation with him your only thought is, "Can I kiss you yet?"

    10. The horror you feel when you fart in front of her and you hope she doesn't know it was you.

    11. You are aware that your staring is creepy but you CANNOT stop yourself from doing it.

    12. When he likes your profile picture on Facebook.

    13. You typically say something extremely dumb when you're talking to her...

    14. ...and you spend the next three weeks thinking about what you could've said instead.

    15. You try to send casual snapchats without appearing like you're trying too hard...

    16. ...but when you dress up in your ~best outfit~ it becomes completely obvious that you're trying very hard.

    17. Some people might mistake your awesomeness for awkwardness...

    18. ...but don't worry, you rock! Even if your crush doesn't realize it yet.