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23 Of The Greatest Animal Hugs From 2014

If you're not having a great year, these hugs should sort everything out.

1. The Brand-New Elephant Hug

2. The Spotted Hug (accompanied by a tiny kiss)

3. The Hug That Solved the Great Dog v. Cat Conflict

4. The "I Missed You So Much" Hug

5. The Homecoming Hug

6. The Incoming Hug

7. The Good Morning Hug

8. The Most Heartbreaking Good-Bye Hug

9. The New Best Friend Hug

10. The Quite Polite Hug

11. The Bro Hug

12. The Full-Blown Cuddle Hug

13. The Nap Time Hug

14. The Cuddliest Hug

15. The Protective Best Bud Hug

16. The "Good To See You" Hug

17. The Thankful Pony Hug

18. The Big Dogs Need Lovin' Too Hug

19. The Teeniest Tiniest Hug

20. The Bundled Hug

21. The Netflix Couch Marathon Hug

22. The Best Bud Hug

And finally...

23. The Cutest Hug in All of Eternity

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