41 Pictures That Will Give You All The Feels

    Sit down, because this might be too much to handle.

    1. This little piglet's first visit to the beach.

    2. And these two adorable cuddlers.

    3. This baby elephant who just made a new best bud.

    4. And this baby beaver who is trying to break the universe with his cuteness.

    5. This caring pup watching over his kitten during dinnertime.

    6. And this sweet Golden Retriever who helps keep nervous patients calm during their visits to the dentist.

    7. This baby raccoon who is snuggling up to his favorite human.

    8. And this teeny puppy who sniffed his parrot friend.

    9. This girl who stayed by her horse's side for an entire night when he wasn't feeling well.

    10. And this dog who understands that goodbyes are the hardest.

    11. This kitten who has the cutest surprise face in the ENTIRE world.

    12. And this Marine who carried his partner back to the kennels after a grueling two-hour search.

    13. This patient kitty who is the best playmate a kid could ask for.

    14. And this pup who is just taking his pony pal for a walk.

    15. This sleepy baby skunk.

    16. And this dog who is listening patiently as his new friend practices reading.

    17. This baby goat snuggling up to her human.

    18. And this handsome guy who is the most adorable best man ever.

    19. This baby beaver bottle-feeder.

    20. And this puppy who is simply having the TIME OF HIS LIFE.

    21. These ducklings who are adventuring with their favorite corgi.

    22. This hedgehog who really knows how to ~get down~ for Monday night football.

    23. And this dog who never leaves his human's side.

    24. This hungry little kitten.

    25. And this guy who knows how to have a good time once he's off the job.

    26. This SUPER snuggly squirrel.

    27. And these inseparable best friends.

    28. This micro miniature horse who just wants to put a smile on the face of everyone he meets.

    And he's excellent at giving kisses, too!

    29. This awesome dude who would do absolutely anything for his best pal.

    30. This loyal pup who never lets his human out of his sight.

    31. And this kitty who wants to congratulate his brother on his first big catch.

    32. This pup who was too tired to finish his walk so he hitched a ride from his human.

    33. This girl who is super protective of her little brother.

    34. And this squirrel who is just looking for a snuggle.

    35. This dog who is the absolute best mom to her little kitties.

    36. And this thirsty little sloth.

    37. This guy who still enjoys his walks from the view on his special wagon.

    38. And this cuddly joey who loves spending quality time with his human.

    39. These puppies who weren't afraid to make a new friend.

    40. This little guy who knows the importance of a good nap.

    41. And finally, these two who prove that dogs and cats can be the cutest friends EVER.

    Who's cutting onions in here??