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    21 Bunny Reactions For Everyday Situations

    Because the buns understand the struggle.

    1. When you forgot you were cooking and you smell something burning.

    2. When you're trying to flirt with someone and it's failing miserably.

    3. When you're hanging at the bar and you spot a major hottie from afar.

    4. When you're the only one who doesn't have a partner in class.

    5. When you're uncomfortable at family parties so you just keep stuffing your face.

    6. When you're just chilling and then you hear someone say your name.

    7. When you wake up and you think you have to go to work but then you realize it's THE WEEKEND.

    8. When you're singing super loud in your apartment and then roommate gets home early.

    9. The second you get home from work.

    10. When you see someone you don't want to talk to in public and you try to hide from them.

    11. When you're in an argument and know you're wrong and you have no comeback.

    12. When you open the fridge every five minutes hoping something new and delicious will appear.

    13. When it's Friday afternoon at work and you really cannot anymore.

    14. When someone starts casually eating french fries off of your plate like you offered them an invitation.

    15. When you see bae talking to someone else across the room.

    16. When you get home after being out all night and realize you looked like crap the entire time.

    17. When you're too lazy to shovel your walkway after a snowstorm.

    18. When it's Friday night and your only plans are to eat your feelings.

    19. When you're trying to take a good selfie but you keep failing.

    20. When your best friend gets back together with her boyfriend for the seventh time and swears that "this time is different."

    21. When you're trying to contemplate whether or not you really need another slice of pizza.

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