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19 Samoyeds Who Will Warm Your Freezing Cold Wintery Heart

All you need is fluff, fluff. Fluff is all you need.

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1. This dude who's way too big to be a lap dog but doesn't let that stop him.

2. Skookum, the very bashful fluffball.

3. This handsome man who easily wins every award in the category of INSANE FLUFFY CUTENESS.

4. This cutie who is totally unimpressed by the snow because she's WAY fluffier than snow will ever be.

5. This little one who just discovered exactly how fun digging holes is.


7. This smiler who can fill your heart with joy just by flashing her lil' grin.

D3FINED / Mozzi

8. This perfect fluffball snuggling his very first teddy.

9. And this gentlemanly kisser.

10. This one who has a begging face that not even a cat person could deny.


11. And this teeny-tiny one who is the perfect best bud.

12. This dapper dude who has the most flawless face of fluff the world has ever seen.

13. And this ambitious fetcher who just wants to make you giggle.

14. This SUPER HAPPY dude who just told the best joke of all.


16. And this guy who is VERY proud of the fluff volume he has achieved.

17. These two who can tell secrets at the dinner table because they're so cute.

18. This girl who has a VERY important announcement to make.

19. And finally, this happy girl who wants you to have the GREATEST DAY.

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