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17 Times Wolves Were The Absolute Champions Of Cuteness

All these wolves and wolfdogs come from wolf sanctuaries!

1. When this guy posed for a super dorky selfie.

2. When this cutie kissed on the first date.

3. When this happy boy flashed a lil' smile for the camera.

4. And when this gentleman gave his best bud a little kiss on the cheek.

5. When this fluffernutter who preferred the all-in kiss.

6. When this lover really just wanted a belly rub.

7. And when this sweetie just wanted to get up close and personal.

8. And when this lovable dude just wanted to give out a big hug.


10. When these two shared an eskimo kiss.

11. When this dude got up close and personal.

12. When this guy showed that he has the sweetest eyes ever.

13. When this sweetie went in for a kiss on the cheek.

14. And when these two became best friends at first sight.

15. And when this guy wasn't shy at all.

16. When this fluffy sir just wanted to nap.

17. And finally, when these adorable buddies shared a seriously sweet moment together.

Learn more about protecting wolves and their environment at the Wolf Conservation Center.

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