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    19 Vines That Just Keep Getting Better


    1. This kiss cam fail.

    2. This guy who nailed the high note.

    3. This girl who just does not care.

    4. The circling baby sea otter.

    5. The old man goin' in on the dance floor.

    6. This early riser.

    7. The extremely tiny puppy in a sock.

    8. THE BOP IT GUY.

    9. This surprise.

    10. And this real-life video game.

    11. The puppy who cannot be stopped.

    12. Kanye having the most Kanye moment ever.

    13. The very cheeky turtle.

    14. This accurate representation of life.

    15. And this lady who does Drake better than Drake.

    16. The touchdown baby.

    17. The unfortunate and unknowing newscaster.

    18. The grandma who mixed up cereal and pretzels.

    19. And finally...THE BOOP.

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