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19 Pictures Of Grown-Up Puppies That Will Make You Literally Cry

Time flies, indeed.

1. This fella who still sits at that same spot in the backyard.

2. And this noble gentleman who has had manners since he was a wee baby. / Via James Nuz

3. This crew who somehow managed to get fluffier over the years.

4. And this sweet guy who finally grew into those paws.

5. This cutie who never lost his sense of adventure.

6. And this pooch who still has those same kind puppy-dog eyes.

7. This innocent lady who learned the art of begging.

8. And this squish who grew into her nose and her wrinkles.

9. This handsome man who finally got his ears to stand up straight.

10. And this tiny tot who turned out to be fluffier than expected.

11. This flooferton who never really stopped being a baby.

12. And this lady who finally started to take her job seriously.

13. These two who never lost their sense of humor.

14. This guy who became tall enough to fulfill his role as protector of the front yard.

Caitlin S

15. And this lady who got bigger but never outgrew her favorite snuggle spot.

16. This sleepy boy who finally fits on that dog bed.

Rebecca Milne

17. This corgi who still doesn't really fit into those pointy ears.

18. This nice lady who still has that same spot on her eye, even though she got a whole lot bigger.

19. And finally, this speckled cutie who reminded us that getting older just means you become better friends.