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21 Times Facebook Was The Worst Place On The Internet

Nobody knows how to use it. H/T/r/oldpeoplefacebook

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1. When David had some very helpful life advice.

2. When the mystery Susan was having some issues.

3. When Jeffrey tried to solve this emergency.

4. When Milton was just trying to express himself.

5. And when this person was the literal worst at using Facebook.

6. When Alysha had some very strong feelings about this food establishment.

7. When this individual had a very important announcement to make.

8. When Bill knew what was good.

9. When this guy...had a lot to say.

10. When Josh knew how to spend Friday night right.

11. When this Burger King employee made the best joke ever.

12. And when this person just wanted to be heard.

13. When this grandma accidentally made a new friend.

14. When Nancy was brutally honest.

15. When this mom said how she really felt.

16. And when Emil cried out for help. / Via

17. When this grandma made a very specific announcement. / Via

18. When Harris was on the search for his grandson. / Via

19. When Erick made this very clear and understandable request. / Via

20. When Grandma shared this very appropriate message. / Via

21. And finally, when Jeannie just needed to get rid of her damn sparrows. / Via

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