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    27 Behind-The-Scenes Comments You Only Hear At The Puppy Bowl

    "Creampuff has to poop."

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    Elaina Wahl

    2. "Get the laser out!"

    3. "Have fish the arrived?"

    4. "Don't bring the grumpy cats in here."

    6. "We need the kitten to face the 50-yard line."

    7. "We're gonna try the other kitty since this one's, uh, not happenin'."

    8. "OK, laser out, laser out!"

    Elaina Wahl

    10. "We need an orange cat, preferably playful but any one will do."

    11. "We need a different black cat with white paws."

    12. "Is the orange one good for now?"

    13. "I'm used to food by my shoe. And poop, too. Poop is OK."


    Elaina Wahl

    16. "The skunk is the assistant ref."

    17. "We need to find out what our vision is for the skunk in the locker room."

    18. "That's for skunk containment"

    Elaina Wahl


    21. "Alright, droppin' the skunk — gonna let him out."

    22. "Ladies and gentlemen, GROUP ONE DOGS."

    Elaina Wahl

    24. "I'm gonna make sure everyone from group two has their bandanas on."

    25. "There's a pee pad needing to be changed. CAN I GET A VOLUNTEER ON THAT??"

    26. "My hamster's name growin' up was My Hamster."

    Elaina Wahl

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