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    39 Pictures For Anyone Who Is Just Sad

    Remember: You have puppies on your side.

    1. Is this cat you IRL right now?

    2. Do you need someone to lean on?

    3. Maybe you need a buddy to help you carry a little of that extra weight.

    4. Or a gentle reminder that your pals always have your back.

    5. This smiling dog wearing a helmet is here for you.

    6. And this freckled kitten wants to remind you that any day can be improved with a little bit of fluff.

    7. Just look at these snuggling pooches and remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    8. The world is full of cats trying to fit in boxes.

    9. And teeny tiny snacking hamsters.

    10. This flying corgi pup believes in you.

    Lauri Foster

    11. And this helpful Golden Retriever is there to lend a paw.

    12. Every once in a while you might run into something that'll have you feeling down.

    13. When that happens, just remember this lil' chick cuddling up against a warm mug of tea.

    14. And this happy puppy is out there in the world riding a rocking horse.

    15. Sure, life can get a little messy from time to time.

    16. And some individuals might not ~totally~ accept you for who you are.

    17. New adventures might be a little bit scary...

    18. You might even feel like you want to run and hide every once in a while.

    19. But this jetskiing dog knows that you can do anything.

    20. And this pittie wants you to remember that change can be a good thing.

    21. Your best pals will be there to help carry you through the hard times.

    22. They'll protect you when you need it most.

    Delia — Reddit

    23. And they'll cheer you on when you need a little extra support!

    24. Never underestimate the power of a good hug.

    Yuko Hirao / Getty Images

    25. Or the joy a little kitten paw can bring.

    26. This pup wants you to remember: SNACKS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU.

    27. If you're feeling super stressed out: Just look at this relaxed puppy basking in the sunlight. / Via Kumo - Utah

    28. And consider this cozy kitten holding his best buddy's hand.

    29. This goofball is just here to give you a chuckle.

    30. And this handsome man believes that you too will blossom into a beautiful butterfly.

    Lewison Clark / Via BuzzFeed

    31. If you need to get out of town for a lil' bit for a break, this pup will take you anywhere you want to go.

    32. And remember that the world is full of smiling dogs just like this one.



    35. So, yes, life can be full of confusing moments.

    36. You might run across some judgmental individuals.

    37. But remember: You've got puppies on your side.

    38. And there are actual kittens with begging faces that look like THIS.

    39. Even when it seems like you can't keep goin', remember that you got this.

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