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The 100 Happiest Dog Pictures Of All Time

Soooo many smiles.

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97. The Proud Melvin

Why it brings the smiles: Melvin is a lil' rescue pup who just found his forever home, and you can tell by his smiley face that he's never been this happy in his whole entire puppy life.

90. The Sunbather

Why it brings the smiles: This pup knows that catching a couple rays and spending an afternoon out on the boat is all you need to put a little smile on your face. BONUS...check out his adorable lil' life jacket!

56. The Police Vest Puppy

Jonathan Kozowyk / Via Facebook: mavestadog

Why it brings the smiles: He doesn't fit into his vest yet, but he can't wait until he does. HE HAS SO MANY GOALS, DREAMS, AND AMBITION. You can see it in his lil' puppydog eyes.

44. The Unlikely Friends

Jacqueline Reines

Why it brings the smiles: This dog didn't know he'd find a best bud in Booger the horse, but now they're inseparable! They might just be the cutest duo the world has ever seen.

38. The Red Wagon

Why it brings the smiles: This old guy may have arthritis, but his human didn't let that stop him from enjoying the outdoors! Now he cruises around on his red wagon and loves every minute of it.

19. The Ginormous Kiss

Kaelin Tully

Why it brings the smiles: These best friends will clearly stop at nothing to give kisses to each other. JUST LOOK AT THAT EFFORT, THAT REACH. THERE'S SO MUCH LOVE GOING ON HERE.

15. The Guy Who Got Almost a Little Too Happy

Why it brings the smiles: This dog has reached a level of happiness that no one will ever understand. Whether it's because he saw his favorite ball or a piece of bacon fell from the counter, we'll never know. Let's all just live in awe of his level of insane joy.

11. The Graduate

Why it brings the smiles: For some reason the positioning of this dog's paw sends the picture into a happiness overload. Please admire it, because it's one of the cutest paws to EVER GRACE planet Earth.

10. The Mista

Danny Rocco

Why it brings the smiles: This handsome golden is clearly the sweetest, happiest, and coolest pup there ever was and ever will be. THIS PUP IS ONE FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS, FOLKS.

8. The Storytime Puppies