The 100 Happiest Dog Pictures Of All Time

    Soooo many smiles.

    100. The NASA Corgis

    99. The Ecstatic Frenchie

    98. The Chick Magnet

    97. The Proud Melvin

    96. The Special Delivery

    95. The Lurer

    94. The Happiest Hug

    93. The Party Animal

    92. The Very Coy Boy

    91. The Muddy Buddy

    90. The Sunbather

    89. The Bedtime Buddy

    88. The Smiling Sir

    87. The Disney Boop

    86. The Ladies' Man

    85. The Birthday Boy

    84. The Teddy Bear Buddy

    83. The "First Day at the Dog Park" Pup

    82. The Baseball Park Pup

    81. The Puppy Party

    80. The Tongue-to-the-Side Guy

    79. The Doctor Dog

    78. The Smush

    77. The Polar Bear Pups

    76. The Cheek Kiss

    75. The First-Time Booper

    74. The Two Paws Up

    73. The Cruisers

    72. The Helping Hand

    71. The Warm Welcome

    70. The Incoming Eskimo Kiss

    69. The Snowman Sculptors

    68. The Best Buds

    67. The Kitten Discovery

    66. The Laundry Doer

    65. The Enthusiastic Best Man

    64. The Fluffiest Hug

    63. The Best Babysitter

    62. The Best Begging Face Ever

    61. The Revolutionary Boop

    60. The Sailor Boy

    59. The Dude With His New Jordans

    58. The Pup With a Big Heart

    57. The Hug That Ended the Cat Vs. Dog Debate

    56. The Police Vest Puppy

    55. The Sweet Moment Between Siblings

    54. The Refrigerator Pup

    53. The Best Pool Party Ever

    52. The Low Riders

    51. The Rebel Heart

    50. The Next-Level Fetcher

    49. The Birthday Buddies

    48. The Proud Sister

    47. The Happiest Welcome Home Ever

    46. The Training Session

    45. The Flawless Birthday Party

    44. The Unlikely Friends

    43. The Hug Between Old Friends

    42. The Best Playdate Ever

    41. The Best Wedding to Ever Happen

    40. The Quiet Moment

    39. The Playtime Pup

    38. The Red Wagon

    37. The Cuddliest Basket of All Time

    36. The Professional Smiler

    35. The Proud Police Pup

    34. The Incoming Slobber

    33. The Hamburger Boy

    32. The Proud Corgi Mama

    31. The Sly Smirk

    30. The Ear Kisser

    29. The First Day on the Job

    28. The Happiest Camper

    Why it brings the smiles: You can tell these two pals love each other the most. Bonus...there's a little lopsided tongue hanging out for ya!

    27. The Forever Fam

    26. The Snuggle Thief

    25. The Cow Dog

    24. The Sneak In From the Side

    23. The Handsomest Boy Ever

    22. The Overly Excited Pug

    21. The Fun-in-the-Sun Pup

    20. The Muddiest Buddy

    19. The Ginormous Kiss

    18. The Dog Who Can't Even Handle His Own Happiness

    17. The Lil' Nose Kiss

    16. The Princess With Her Puppy Prince

    15. The Guy Who Got Almost a Little Too Happy

    14. The Cutest Bath to Ever Happen in the Entire World

    13. The Investigator

    12. The "King of the Dog Park" Pup

    11. The Graduate

    10. The Mista

    9. The "Nice to Meet You"

    8. The Storytime Puppies

    7. The Coy Corgi

    6. The Cone Of Happiness

    5. The Adventurer

    4. The Very Fancy Lady

    3. The Puddle Prop

    2. The Superhero Squad

    1. The Absolute Best Pals

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