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27 Cat Pictures Because Life Is Literally Just Terrible

'Cause kitties are kind, too.

1. This boss who is always making sure that business is boomin'.

2. This orangie who is trying his best to help out his dad.


4. This cat who is trying his best to get human's attention.

5. And this tiny kitten with perfect paws.

6. This very courageous warrior.

7. This smol baby who just met her new family.

8. And this cutie who fell asleep in her human's sweater.

9. This individual who might be having an existential crisis.

10. This kitty who wants to be just like his best buddy.

11. This fluff who is very protective of his little brother.

12. And this other floof who is an excellent listener.

13. This tiny guy who is always down to play video games.

14. And this hide-and-seek expert.

15. This shy girl who just wants to hold paws.

16. This gentleman who is clearly the king of this grocery store and all grocery stores everywhere.

17. This prince who is living his best life.

18. And this sweet guy who doesn't mind being a pillow for his human.

19. This tiny baby who finally faced his fear of heights.

20. This sweet cat who follows her best friend everywhere she goes.

21. And this tiny one who is an expert at being the little spoon.

22. This curious buddy who really wants to boop his best friend.

23. And this kitten who is a professional at finding sun spots.

24. This cat who understands how we all feel when it's time to exercise.

25. This extremely talented orangie who is just trying to make you proud.

26. This very strategic fellow.

27. And this kitten who just met her new friend for life.

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