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The 37 Most Important Puppy Pictures Of 2015

Because puppies are all that matter.

37. The Ultimate Cuddle Session

36. The Leaf Pile Pooch

35. The Corgi Buddies

34. The Paperweight

33. The Co-Pilot

32. The Loaf

31. The Puppy Paws

30. The King Of The World

29. The Grown-Up Pup

28. The Star Pupil

27. The Fluffy Bernie

26. The Sleepy Fluffball

25. The Ultimate Begging Face

24. The Best Buddies

23. The Puppuccino Pooch

22. The Very Tiny Adventurer

21. The Little Guy Learning the Ropes

20. The Very Wrinkly Puppy

19. The Sniffer

18. The Frenchie Who Just Wants a Treat

17. The Speckly-Nosed Berner

16. The Extremely Teeny Puppy

15. The Incredibly Large Huge Ginormous Ears

14. The Sleepiest Corgi

13. The Pool Hopper

12. The Smiler

11. The Actual Bear Dog

10. The Cuddly Buddy

9. The Very Messy Puppy

8. The Lil' Hugger

7. The Teeny Tiny Boop

6. The Speckly Belly

5. The Best, Best, Best Friends

4. The Triple Snuggle

3. The Super Squishy Cheeks

2. The Very Generous Leaf Giver

1. The Storytime Gathering

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