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    19 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Dog

    Dogs are the best.

    1. Your dog is your fearless adventure buddy.

    2. And nobody knows how to put a smile on your face better than your pooch.

    3. You can always count on him to give you the most loving greetings every time you come home.

    4. And you know your dog will do anything for you...

    5. ...because she knows that you would do anything for her, too.

    6. You know NOTHING in the world is better than those puppy kisses.

    Kaelin Tully / Via BuzzFeed

    7. And you'll always have a reliable playmate with your dog around.

    8. No matter how goofy you get, your dog accepts you just the way you are.

    9. She's there to celebrate with you during the happy times...

    10. ...and make you smile during the harder times.

    11. Waking up to that sweet face every morning brightens your day instantly.

    sarabear0 / Diesel / Via Reddit

    12. And even on the rainiest days, you know your dog will always be by your side no matter what.

    13. Thanks to your dog, you know what unconditional love and true friendship feels like.

    14. And somehow they always find new ways to show you how much they really love you.

    15. Your dog never lets you feel lonely because he's always up for whatever activity you want to do.

    16. And you have a built-in cuddle buddy who you can snuggle with whenever you want.

    17. They love you when they're just little tiny tots...

    18. ...and they still give their whole heart to you every day when they're old and grey.

    Julie Fletcher / Via Reddit

    19. Most of all, your dog is your best friend who loves you in a way you know no one else could.

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